My life in pictures and bullet points




August 15th

  • Pick Ross n Dacey up from Bristol airport
  • Pick Ross n Dacey up from Bristol airport
  • Pick Ross n Dacey up from Bristol airport
  • drive to work, work (dale gilles ele ), sainsburys, #samosas #foam banas, back to office, move most of tasks to sep 3rd, drive home, pick ross n dacey up from bristol airport



August 14th

  • drive to work, work (steve dale gilles ele ), sainsburys, #samosas #foam banas, back to office, drive to lidl, #bakery n ale n mince n cheese n sauce, home, #ale, make #spag bol, computer, check tent is all there, volunteering, very busy, one guy being a pain, drive to tesco, #vanilla raspberry rolls, home, shower, bath, smoke, bed



August 13th

  • Work, buy jacket from Primark, start reading The BFG, see parents + stir-fry
  • Chat then drive home
  • Chores, finish The BFG and watch dashcam vids



August 12th

  • Woke at Jos', had lost my glasses, to car then Lidl
  • Cook rogan josh curry
  • Feel bleh, stayed in all day, watch WheezyWaiter vids, smoke then bed at 1AM

The Bus Slide


August 11th

  • wake up 11.30am, drop ieu back, drive to tesco, #strawberry vanilla rolls, back home, laze, cook #rogan josh chicken curry, hang up clothes, drive to canal, walk to beezlbubs, jos leaving do, meet jos n josh there, drink, gwdihw, meet henry rach etc there, charlie n tom w come along, walk to city arms, go on homeless bus, see nigel n alison, play singstar ps4, go down slide, get kebab wrap, walk back to jos', slip over, go to bed



August 10th

  • Heavy rain, work, black n blue burger pub lunch
  • See parents, play w/ dogs, pick Ieu up, Tesco, bought beers n sweets then home
  • Smoke, vids, music + bed

Plague Dogs


August 9th

  • drive to work (steve dale ele gilles), added lots of release dates n genres to logs watch, sainsburys, #samosas #foam banas, read more plague dogs, back to office, steve leave, drive to tesco, ale n pasta sauce, home, #ale, do #spag bol again!, put wash on, finished reading plague dogs, bed 1.30am

clothes rail back up


August 8th

  • Kim drive to Middlesbr.
  • Work, Lidl, home, night by myself and do spag bol
  • Put clothes rail back up, tidy, write journal, had a bath, smoked + bed 2AM

new sheets


August 7th

  • Almost hit still car on M4
  • Work, Lidl, home, Kim's last evening before going home + do spag bol
  • Night in w/ Kim, pick up, smoke + watch Gattaca

trim beard


August 6th

  • Drive to work + had good annual review w/ Sal
  • Lidl, get groceries, home, do spag bol + book last few Airbnbs for InterRail
  • On computer + trim beard

Jade + Rich Wed


August 5th

  • Thank Chris, drive back, drop Bruno n Jos in Bristol + drop Henry off in Cardiff
  • Home, shower then Jade's wedding reception w/ Kim
  • Chat w/ people + home

TwAnk in London


August 4th

  • Drop Ieu in town, pick up guys + drive to London
  • Load in, BBQ, drink + see bands at The Windmill
  • Tired, nap in car, pack up, go to Chris' + sleep on sofa



August 3rd

  • Get tyre changed, old faithful pub lunch + Gilles tries sting nettles on Dale
  • Over parents + pick Ieu up
  • Bowling and arcade w/ Ieu, Kim, Ross + Dacey

Yo Sushi


August 2nd

  • Work then had a flat tyre on the drive back home
  • Kim doing Pokemon Go
  • Yo Sushi, saw Mission: Impossible - Fallout at Cineworld w/ Kim + home

Malvern Tyres


August 1st

  • drive to work, tyre flat, change over to space saver on a48 hard shoulder, get to work 9.20am (matt ele dale gilles sal), go to malvern tyres, get tyre changed, 50 quid, to sainsburys, #samosas #foam banas, watch jordan peterson vids, back to office, tesco, get beer, home, #proper job, cook #spag bol, chill, on computer, feel shit again, lost, unsure, hang clothes up, on phone on sofa downstairs, go to bed about 11pm



July 31st

  • drive to work, work (matt ele dale gilles), sainsburys, #samosas #foam banas, read more plague dogs, back to office, kim contact people about homebuyer survey, drive to summerdale vets, pick up 2 tarantulas for dale, drive to dales, drop them off, drive home, kim made #mint kebabs n #chips, computer, lidl, get bakery n ale n detergent n fabric softener n milk, #goats cheese bakery, to volunteering, kayleighs last shift, meet izzy, she takes over, drop james n mate home, back home, #ale, computer, smoke, stay up til 2am

Jos n Alex


July 30th

  • Work, no more Coral, Sainsbury's and home
  • Might have the mortgage
  • Esuna prac, Josh gets me food from chippy, drop off, home, bath + smoke

The Spirits Within


July 29th

  • Laze, Kim gets Greggs, see parents + Sunday lunch
  • Pick Ieu up, home, smoke, watch Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within + vids
  • Kim did pizza then bed



July 28th

  • In bed, Kim got Greggs + told me about last night
  • Got car from work, to Jos', Lidl, watch Hard Ticket to Hawaii + A Serious Man
  • Drop Henry off then home

Goodbye Coral


July 27th

  • Abergavenny
  • Abergavenny
  • Abergavenny
  • trim beard, drive to work, work (dale matt ele coral), booked heart of gold hostel for berlin trip, 12pm matt drives us to his place, get in ellies car, to tgi fridays, works do (all but gilles), #baja tostada, drinks, las iguanas, drago lounge, potters rooftop, the pod, shots at dales, crosskeys play pool, slipping jimmies, watch band, train station, somehow get to abergavenny, possibly wrong train, wander around, no more trains, sit in phone box, cold, 2am ring kim to pick me up, mcd's, #mayo chicken, home



July 26th

  • Work, got paid, give Coral leaving gift, buy t-shirts from Tesco then home
  • Cook curry + on computer
  • Watch Commando, vids, have a bath + bed 2AM



July 25th

  • drive to work, work (all), kim pick me up from work, go for lunch at three blackbirds, #old faithful pub lunch, try to ring council to get statement, got hung up on, kim drop me back, back to office, drive to blaen bran reservoir, check out for camping spots, drive to lidl, get two beers, home, #2 ales, computer, kim cooks #Taquito, kim makes planet rings craft, watch h3 podcast ghost stories, bath, smoke, bed 2am

Proper Job


July 24th

  • Work, made 'Museum' site then upload old sites
  • Home + Kim does taquitos
  • Volunteering, Izzy takes over run, home + add another room to game

Pixel Person


July 23rd

  • drive to work, work (all but gilles), sainsburys, #samosas #foam banas, avgn video, read more plague dogs, back to office, lidl, get spag bol stuff n ale, home, make #spag bol, drink #ale, watch avgn, upstairs on comp, play guitar, gamemaker few tweaks, smoke, hang up clothes, learn pixel art, up til about 5am, tired



July 22nd

  • Drop Ieu off in town, pick Dale up + drive to Spider Convention in Bristol
  • Wander, drop Dale off, home
  • Drop ieu off in town, pick Dale up + drive to Spider Convention in Bristol
  • wake up, drop ieu off by cardiff castle, drive to dales, pick dale up, drive to bristol, spider insect convention, #cookie #wedges #ham sandwiches, wander around seeing what you can buy, watch bug show, get diesel 10, drive back, drop dale off, see his house n garden, drive home, kim made #pizza, guitar, cold shower, watched the big sick, smoke, bed



July 21st

  • In bed til 3PM, mortgage with Nationwide instead, Lidl, get groceries + home
  • Spag bol, Mum drops Ieu off + chat about mortgage
  • Smoke, have fire + vids

Don Juan


July 20th

  • Saw Twisted Ankle + Don Juan at The Crofters Rights, Bristol
  • Saw Twisted Ankle + Don Juan at The Crofters Rights, Bristol
  • Saw Twisted Ankle + Don Juan at The Crofters Rights, Bristol
  • drive to work, work (coral matt dale ele sal steve), give steve bday present n card for sunday, #old faithful pub lunch, drive to jos' work, pick up henry jos, drive to bristol, drop guys n gear off crofters rights, #pint, go for a wander, #pint, watch don juan, watch twisted ankle, on merch table, kim says mortgage was rejected because of returned dd, go for a wander, back when last band finished, put guys gear in car, drive home



July 19th

  • drive to work, listen to radiohead ok computer, work (coral matt dale ele), sainsburys, #samosas #foam banas, watch a few avgn videos, back to office, more twmbarlwm fires, drive home, cook #spag bol, kayleigh said she cant run food4thought any more, play guitar, trim beard, pick up twank guys from pirate studios, get gear from jos', to henrys, get gear, drop them off, pick kim up from barry wetherspoons, mcdonalds get her mcflurry, i have #mayo chicken, home, bed 2am



July 18th

  • Bought GameMaker
  • Saw Incredibles 2 at Cineworld w/ Kim
  • Saw Incredibles 2 at Cineworld w/ Kim
  • drive to work, coral back from hols, work (coral matt dale ele), sainsburys, #samosas #foam banas, watch a few avgn videos, back to office, bought gamemaker, drive to ynysybwl through a472, look around house mostly done, photos, chat with tom, drive to cardiff, park by canal, walk to tesco, #pasta w/ chicken #crisps, watch incredibles 2, back to car, tesco excelsior, get diesel 20.01, home, asleep on sofa, wake up 1.30am, shower, bed



July 17th

  • drive to work, work (dale matt sal ele), install gamemaker on work comp, add saving loading, sal leave, sainsburys, #samosas #foam banas, watch a few avgn videos, get matt doritos, back to office, home, kim makes #lidl lasagne, sofa, avgn vids, computer, minus the bear announce breakup, gamemaker, ask ieu to make game bg music, add it to game, shower, bath, smoke, watch vids, gamemaker add exp bar, bed 2am



July 16th

  • drive to work, work (dale matt steve sal ele), sainsburys, #samosas #foam banas, avgn video, read more plague dogs, back to office, steve sal matt gone to meeting, to lidl, buy sauce n mince n #bakery, home, cook #spag bol, gamemaker rewriting code, fix jump on enemies, add experience, make kim coffee n hang clothes up, back on computer, gamemaker til 3am, bed

World Cup Final


July 15th

  • wake up noon, tidy house, shower, kim buy me shorts, kim drop me n jos off at the grange, #few pints, #2 packs crisps, watch the world cup final, france beat croatia 4-2, bye to jos, walk back to house, spar, bought #foam banas n prosecco, home, little drunk, see kim, bath, listen to pop music, put pizza on, #half a pizza, #half bottle prosecco, kim go to bed, watched beverly hills cop, bed

Melincwrt Falls


July 14th

  • wake up early, pick kim up from museum, drive to mcdonalds, #sausage egg mcmuffin, tired, park in caerphilly, see mortgage advisor, sign everything, apply for mortgage, back in car, drive home, lay on bed, drive to jos', pick up jos, drive to dales, pick him up, drive to neath, mcdonalds, #mayo chicken, drop dale off at ian's, go to melincwrt falls, drive to canal, walk up n down canal, pick dale back up, shop, #peters pasty #milky way #nik naks, drive home, drop dale off, drive to lidl, drive home, smoke, sit by chimnea fire, watch cartoons n music, bed



July 13th

  • drop ieu off, work, work on todo, #old faithful pub lunch, #3 pints, back to work, drive to lidl, get ale, home, #ale, kim gone out, mum n ieu come over to get chalet key, kim has it, gave ieuan the xbox 360, say bye, had a night in to myself, go on gamemaker, create enemies, give them ai to follow me, kill enemies by bouncing on them, bed late



July 12th

  • drive to work(sal steve dale matt ele), steve leave, stay in at lunch, work on todo, rewrite sql filter check, todo add routine filter, todo add amount of routine and non routine tasks, todo add actions button, to sainsburys, #samosas #foam banas, risca, atm get 10 out, fox n hound, chat with mike, ross dacey get there, dan arrive, #2 pints worthys, august 3rd for camp, ieu arrive, chat, say bye, pick ieu up, drive tesco, #ale, get 20 out, home, show ieu game, guitar, #ice cream, pick up, smoke, videos, music, bed 1am ish



July 11th

  • drive to work, work (sal matt dale ele), sainsburys, #samosas #foam banas, read more plague dogs, back to office, drive to lidl, get 2 ales, home, kim cooked #chicken thighs n #chips, #white magnum, watch england v croatia semi final, #ales, england lose, upstairs on computer all night, gamemaker tuts, rewriting game code, add global bits, add hearts, bed 4am



July 10th

  • YouTube tuts, making game + bed 3AM again
  • YouTube tuts, making game + bed 3AM again
  • YouTube tuts, making game + bed 3AM again
  • drive to work, work (sal matt dale steve ele), sainsburys, #samosas #foam banas, read more plague dogs, back to office, drive to lidl, mince n sauce n ale, home, #half bakery, cook #spag bol, computer more game youtube tutorials, work on game sprites and physics, smoke, stay up til 3am again making game, finally get room transitions working, bed

gamemaker title screen (night)


July 9th

  • Download GameMaker, YouTube tuts, making game + bed 3AM
  • Download GameMaker, YouTube tuts, making game + bed 3AM
  • Download GameMaker, YouTube tuts, making game + bed 3AM
  • drive to work, forgot wallet, work (sal steve dale matt ele), stayed in for lunch, steve leave 3.10pm, drive home, kim made me #chicken thighs n #chips n #mayo, drive to lidl, buy 2 beers n ice cream n sugar free ice t, home, #white magnum, #2 beers, dogs outside barking constantly, gareth announced having two boys on fb live, smoke, play guitar, download gamemaker studio 2, youtube tutorial, stay up til 3am making game, bed

Ieu's 24th


July 8th

  • Tidy the house, Kim shave my head, shower + shave
  • Wrap Ieu's present, went over parents' for Ieu's 24th
  • BBQ, drove home, clothes rail fell down + sleep early

The Old Hill


July 7th

  • Drop Ieu off, wander canal, up Devil's Drop + by school
  • Lidl, home + 2nd half of England v Sweden match
  • Do spag bol, laze, smoke, felt shit + write for journal

Stan Want Ball


July 6th

  • Old faithful pub lunch, sat outside + had 3 pints
  • See parents, play w/ dogs, pick Ieu up + drive home
  • Smoke, watched Human Traffic, music then bed



July 5th

  • Work, Sainsbury's, home + Kim did belly pork n chips
  • Park by canal, saw Leave No Trace at Cineworld w/ Kim, back to car + home
  • Stay up until 1AM + bed



July 4th

  • Ynysybwl house got a 145k value, Lidl, home, do spag bol then park by canal
  • Saw Animal World at Cineworld w/ Jos
  • Drop him off, home + bath

Forever Addicted


July 3rd

  • Work, Sainsbury's, read more Plague Dogs + home
  • Work on 'Songs to Play' site + play guitar a bit
  • Volunteering, drop James off, home, smoke + up late

pirate / FF7 disc 1 end


July 2nd

  • drive to work, bad traffic, little late, work (all but steve), ctm in, doing audit, sainsburys, #samosas #foam banas, read more plague dogs, back to office, fix postcode thing on pyg with gilles, made songs_to_play site, drive home, kim made #pork loin n chips, put gear in car, pick josh up, drive to pirate studios, prac, doing new song, drop josh home, drive to tesco excelsior, diesel 30.01, tesco ely get ale, home, #ale, smoke, ff7 - wu tai to end of disc 1, #weetabix



July 1st

  • lazed around most of day, warm, kim went to tesco, kim back, #chicken thighs, watched the rest of the town after falling asleep last night, set up kim's old touch screen pc on my desk, tidy n sort room a little, put wash on, kim ordered #pizza n #garlic bread, hang up clothes, tesco 9pm, get milks n ale, home, smoke, ff7 - leave cosmo canyon to wu tai, up til 1.30am

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